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Gallery yet to be completed

1. On the beach at Brean

2. With the Red Arrows!

3. ... for the BBC

4. The Hawaiians

5. Megateam!

6. One of our six-man formations!

7. Exmouth river front at sunset ... and Dave

8. Our rarely seen set of stacks!

9. An arty shot

10. The original 'signature' kites - the Hawaiians

11. Our T2 'Symphony' set at Brean

12. Dice formation!

13. Dice again

14. Our kites with the Red Arrows

15. Another 5-man maneouvre


17. 'Flank left! STEAM!'

18. The T4 vented kites for 2009

19. Dave doing his two kite multi-fly - one kite in each hand!

20. Roy showing what he can do with a 4 line Rev kite

21. A four man team flanking up!

22. The four man thread - 2 pairs threading the gap

23. Formation square

24. Spinning round in a four man wrap - all eight lines twist together

25. At Exmouth Kite Festival - massed launch of the serpents!

26. Graham, our Team Manager with the Olympic Torch!

27. Yes, he did let us all hold it ... for a moment at least!

28. At Bidford Steam and Vintage Rally 2013

29. At Bidford Steam and Vintage Rally 2013

30. Four kites in formation


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