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Dave Salmon

Dave is our Left Team Leader; unlike many teams we can fly with the leading kite at either end, which gives us an interesting kind of flexibility when we fly. Dave is our ‘Sergeant Major’.

Dave has two specialities; as team kitemaker (of which we fly three sets), and the ‘multifly’ expert (two-kite flying routine). Dave creates the majority of our team manoeuvres & hopefully will be choreographing a ballet piece, for the team to display later in the season.

Away from the team Dave plays guitar and writes his own music.

Favourite Team kite: Air Dynamics T2 Absolute Zero

Favourite Manoeuvre: Vertical thread to starburst.

Dave Says: "Infinity split square - TURN!" (It's easy for him to say - Ed)

Alan Bill

Alan is one of the great ‘followers’ usually flying at Left-Two. He is the pairs partner to Dave salmon and together are affectionately known as ‘Wallace & Gromit’. Alan is the heart of the team.

Alan has a great companion, Abbi, his pedigree Staffy, I wonder how many miles he’s walked with her.

Favourite Team kite: Air Dynamics T2 Absolute Zero

Favourite Manoeuvre: Synchro Pairs Split to Box Formation.


Alan Says: “Get out there with a kite (any kite) & find out why kite fliers are a happy bunch.”

Chris Head

Our own ‘Silver fox’ normally flies near the centre of the formation, and specialises in the ‘tricks’ part of the display.

Now Chris is semi-retired, he will have time to take up golf, but that must fit in with his other hobbies which are caravanning and skiing. And kiteflying of course.

Favourite Team kite: Air Dynamics T2 Absolute Zero

Favourite Manoeuvre: Three-man complete plait.

Chris Says: "I always enjoy our sessions, for the banter as well as the flying, whether it is for practice or for one of the shows we do."

Roy Ashton

Roy flies near the centre of the formation, and his speciality is Quad-line (Revolution) flying, watch out for his outstanding display during our performance.

Roy has a knack of making us laugh, as well as selecting and producing many of the music pieces the team uses.

Away from the team Roy uses his P.R. skills and personality to wow the shoppers at a well-known supermarket chain.

Favourite Team kite: Air Dynamics T2 Absolute Zero

Favourite Manoeuvre: Infinity Split Square.

Roy Says: “I’m honoured to be part of Sky Symphony”

Alan Poxon

Alan normally flies Right-Two, next to Graham, as they have also been very successful at pairs flying, known as ‘Breeze’.

Alan is an accomplished kitemaker and tends to be our chief technician, adjusting bridles etc.

He is becoming a star kite commentator, as well as being an outstanding team player, and has a great sense of humour, greatly increased after joining forces with Becky.

Favourite Team kite: Free Spirit Kites Team Hawaiian (with tail) & Ball of Fire (for crazy days)

Favourite Manoeuvre: 5 man Dice (I’m usually in the middle).

Alan Says: “I love dressing up like five other men and standing in the middle of a field!”


Graham Binney

Graham is our Team Manager, and Right Team Leader. Known as ‘The Boss’, making sure we all know where we need to be, when, and reminding us of what we need when we get there.

Has a significant influence on what we fly, where we fly, and what musical programme we use.

Graham enjoys every aspect of the team’s functions, including finance, bookings, corporate planning, choreography & commentating. Graham has developed a ‘no hands’ routine within our programme, that makes you stop and think ‘how does he do that?’

Favourite Team kite: Air Dynamics T2.

Favourite Manoeuvre: Butterfly Roll-out to Threads, into 45 Crossovers & ending with 270 turns into Form Up

Graham Says: “I get a real ‘Buzz’ every time I fly with the Team.”

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